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Enabling Our Organization With Digital Fitness Kits

As I’ve written about before, we’re on a journey to become the most Digitally Fit Consumer Packaged Goods company, in the world. To make that happen, we need to run a virtual marathon, at a sprinter’s pace. Digital changes so quickly. One minute we’re talking about how Vine will be a breakaway success. The next minute, we’re throwing dirt on its grave, because Instagram with video is the Vine killer. It’s a breakneck pace. But, that’s why I love digital. No single day is ever the same.

I’m generally a high energy guy. Someone at the office once remarked that I always seem to have a bounce in my step. Well, today, I have some extra bounce. Digital fitness is about both a lifestyle choice and an every day commitment. Keeping up with our consumers and identifying the right trends to focus on, are critical to reaching our vision to be the most digitally fit. Today, after many months planning, we launched our Digital Fitness Accelerator Kit initiative.

Digital Fitness Logo

One of the things we’ve learned about our customers and consumers is the rapidly increasing importance of digital technology. To enable rapid understanding and adoption of some big trends, we identified a small group of people across the organization to be the first group to receive Digital Fitness Accelerator kits. I’m not gonna lie, I’m jealous; I don’t even have one yet!

The point of the kit is to provide participants with a a 90-day digital immersion across some key focus areas. After all, we need the right equipment to “train” for our digital fitness goal. In turn, we asked them for their feedback so that we could enhance the program and extend it to the broader organization.

So, what’s in the kit? It’s a collection of progressive devices, apps and information sources that allow participants to mirror the experiences many of our consumers expect today. These items are shaping the ways people connect with each other and manage their lives. Call it “fitness” or call it “knowledge” – this is the stuff we need to know to put the consumer first. To that end, each kit contained:

  • Roku – funny name, brilliant device. The Roku will help participants live like a cord-cutter, unfettered by cable TV. The traditional methods we use to connect with people are changing and Roku is an example of how.
  • The Numerati or Six Pixels of Separation – with both of these books, we’ll show how companies are integrating digital marketing, social media, personal branding and entrepreneurship to transform organizations. They also show the power of harnessing big data to make meaningful impact.
  • Recommended Apps – our head of Mobile and Emerging media courtesy of Zach Barkus, curated a list of 10 FREE apps and 10 PAID apps to download and explore. We actually provided little app cards, similar to the ones you’d find at Starbucks, that explained each app and why we included it in the list. We also added a $10 iTunes Gift Card to cover the paid apps.
  • Recommended News Sources – with all of us pressed for time and so many sources for digital news, my team created a list of trusted sources to help keep participants well-informed about the latest case studies, trends and competitive initiatives.

But, we didn’t stop there. Don’t get me wrong, that’s a heck of a kit, with just the above included. However, we went one step further. We included one more item inside that is the perfect intersection of digital and fitness. Each kit contained one of four devices that record and quantify the steps you’re taking, calories you’re burning and even the quality of your sleep. We provided either a Jawbone Up, FitBit Flex, Nike Fuel Band or Lark.

We know we’re living in a world of quantified lives. Enthusiasts of this movement use various self-tracking methods to “quantify” their approach to life and goals so they can see progress and areas where they need to focus. This might mean weight, workouts, energy management, sleep…even mood. We see quantified lives as something that’s here for the long term. The devices outlined above will help us start understanding why this trend will endure and how we can connect better with consumers.

Digital Fitness Accelerator Kit

Of all the kit components, I think I’m the most excited about the bag. Yes, I’m serious. It’s red, it’s lightweight, it has lots of pockets and it has a killer Digital Fitness logo on it. I have a feeling participants will be proud to carry their bag and show it off in meetings.

This was very much a team effort to make happen. From our IT Security team to the CIO to Sr. Level members on our brand teams; we had a lot of support to make this happen. It was Zach Barkus though that ran with the idea and brought it to life.

Building and enhancing organizations is fun and it’s rewarding. We’re betting that the Digital Fitness Accelerator Kit initiative is going to turn some heads, garner a lot of interest and rapidly bring people up to speed about the key trends we need to navigate if we’re to reach our vision and delight consumers.

Now, I just need to get my hands on my own digital fitness accelerator kit! Maybe, I’ll be in the next test group.