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Get On The Campbell Soup Co. Digital Rocket Ship

There are jobs and there are careers. There are reasons you leave your current company and there are reasons you join a new company. I’ve been there. You’ve been there. We’ve all been there. You can leave for money. You can leave for a title. You can leave for fame. You can leave for a lot of reasons.

Even if you’re happy in your current job, keep reading. I promise you, by the time you’re done reading this post, you’ll want to join my team at The Campbell Soup Co.

In Sheryl Sandberg’s Harvard Business School commencement speech, she relayed the story of how some words of wisdom from Eric Schmitt inspired her to join Google despite the fact it didn’t meet her “criteria”:

Get on a rocket ship. When companies are growing quickly and they are having a lot of impact, careers take care of themselves. And when companies aren’t growing quickly or their missions don’t matter as much, that’s when stagnation and politics come in. If you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask what seat. Just get on.

Ironically, this same advice is what lead to her choosing to leave Google and join Facebook.

I’m telling you right now, i’ve been at Campbell 12 weeks and 3 days, and if you’re serious about digital, there is no better place to be than The Campbell Soup Co. We are the rocket ship that you should never pass up and I happen to have 6 open seats.

The Campbell Soup Co. Rocket Ship

6 new roles, approved and posted in 12 weeks. Think about how fast that is. Think about what that says about the organization and it’s support of digital. That’s why I feel very comfortable saying, this is a rocket ship you need to get on.

Two weeks ago, I was talking to a potential candidate to gauge their interest. She asked me, why should I leave my current great job and relocate half-way across the country to join Campbell? I said, you shouldn’t leave for the Campbell you think you know. But, you should leave to join me and the Campbell Soup Co., I do know. You won’t find a better situation to join. I mean that. You’ll get creative latitude, an investment in your growth and the opportunity to work at a fantastic company, with wicked smart people. Oh, and you’ll be given every possible opportunity to do amazing work. That’s my promise and it’s my guarantee.

I love to win. I hate to lose. In my tenure here at Campbell, I can say, we want to win…we want to win big.

I’ve been on the record before and will continue to say, The Campbell Soup Co. will become the most digitally fit CPG organization in the world. Our journey towards that vision will be fun, fast, rewarding and memorable. It’s a story you’re going to want to tell. It’s a story you’re going to want on your resume.

remember, when someone offers you a seat on a rocket ship…just get on.

So with that said, I have 6 seats:

Digital Insights Lead
Lots of companies talk about digital insights. Few deliver on something more than spreadsheets and post campaign reports. This isn’t about reports. This isn’t about living in Omniture. This is way cooler. You get to make data interesting, sexy and meaningful. The Digital Insights Specialist role is responsible for the ongoing development and optimization of the digital metrics framework. Framework? Yes, framework. You get to help define what data/metrics matter and which don’t. Then you’ll need to ensure that we’re applying that framework across all digital marketing initiatives. So, who’s hiring a data scientist? We are. Told you this was a rocket ship.

Digital Communications Specialist
I remain ever inspired by the work Scott Monty does at Ford. He has forever redefined what digital communications, at scale, for a large company, look like. You’re going to get the same opportunity. We want to redefine what digital communications for the entire company, look like. You’ll be responsible for enhancing our internal and external communications initiatives. It’s about improving how we connect with our employees, the media, consumers and influencers. Hope you have your Klout score ready…I’m kidding. But, you will need to have a vision. I think the vision is tougher than earning a higher Klout score.

Manager, Mobile And Emerging Media
We know mobile is going to be big. But, rather than wait for the market to fully emerge, we’re betting on where consumer behavior is headed. We can’t stop at mobile though. We need to always be mindful of what’s next. This role is responsible for the ongoing leadership, management and growth of Campbell’s presence across the mobile and emerging media landscape. Gaming? Check! Augmented reality? You bet! Tap-and-pay? [shaking head in agreement] It’s a great role and clearly demonstrates our commitment to innovation.

Social Marketing Specialist X 3
Yes, 3. Not 1. Not 2. But, 3 Social Marketing Specialist. What is a Social Marketing Specialist? It’s not a Community Manager. It’s not a Strategist. It’s not an Analyst. It’s all 3 rolled in 1. That’s right, you get to be the DJ leading social media across an entire line of business. One role will lead social across our Soups and Simple Meals portfolio. Another will make sure our snacks business is second to none in social. And the last will work across our beverage and breakthrough innovation businesses. From driving the strategy, to managing execution and making sense of social data, you’ll be given a true opportunity to lead and make a difference.