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The Digital Fitness Journey – 1 Year Later

A year ago today, I joined the Campbell Soup Co. Wow, that went fast. Yesterday, the company released its 3rd quarter earning’s information. Look at the growth in the last year. Up $14+. That’s a product of the clear strategic focus the organization has and the exceptional talent delivering against that focus, every single day.

Frankly, I’m just lucky and often humbled to be a small part of it.

Campbell Soup Co. Stock Performance

When I was interviewing for the role I remember thinking, this company is going someplace…fast. You could feel it in the building. You heard it in the voices of the leadership. You read it in the headlines. Campbell was on a mission to be a meaningful part of the lives of today’s consumers and the next generation of consumers. The stock performance over the last year is just 1 validation of what my gut was saying a year ago.

Simply put, there was no way I was going to pass up on being part of the team looking to drive the change needed to reach our potential.

What I try to do every single day is live up to what we said in the press release, announcing my joining:

Our opportunity to engage consumers in new and innovative ways is limitless. I’m eager to work with the team and to leverage my experience to help grow the business and make Campbell one of the most digitally fit organizations in the world.

I feel good about where we’re at as the the first year closes.

We’ve upped our spend in digital. We also upped our expectations. You can’t have one, without the other.

We put together a world class team, spanning mobile, shopper marketing, social, insights and more.

We picked up the pace. I often say, speed wins, and we’re living up to that mantra.

We took calibrated risks that reflect courage and it lead to groundbreaking partnerships with Twitter, Catalina and the developer community.

We connected our consumers with our customers and did so in a meaningful way.

We formed a fantastic working relationship with our legal team; we even have a few of them on twitter, Vine and Instagram! I’m serious.

We pushed our partners to push us and it’s yielding great results.

We’ve also benefited mightily from serious cross-organizational support. I often remark, I’ve never been part of an organization that believes in the value of digital, as much as Campbell. I say it, because it’s true. It’s a luxury. Not every organization has it.

It’s that support, combined with a very clear direction, strategy and philosophy that’s enabled us to get so far, so fast. I marvel everyday at our progress.

To be fair, we don’t have it all solved. Often we find ourselves in very unchartered waters, not just for us, but for the category. When that happens, I’m appreciative of the trust the teams have in one another and the resolve we have to make our good, better and our better, best.

The future looks bright. We have the right leadership, organizational support and team to continue driving us toward being the most digitally fit CPG in the world.

As we look toward year 2, there’s 4 key things I’m asking of myself and our team:

  1. Keep improving the quality of our digital marketing: Our experiences must be meaningful and full of purpose. We’re going to deliver on the seemingly impossible ask of moving quickly and delivering high quality experiences. I think we deliver great experiences today. But, to be a leader, each and every touch point must be flawless.
  2. Put more wood, behind less arrows: We learned a lot in year 1. We’re going to apply those learnings to make sure we invest against the right ideas, platforms, concepts and formats to deliver scale and impact.
  3. Broaden efforts in mobility: We don’t believe the battle ground, long term, is the cell phone or tablet. It’s all screens…all the time. Mobile is confined to a screen or a device. Mobility focuses on access. It’s about making sure you can get the content you want, when you want, independent of the device. We’re already seeing the benefits of this approach with our participation in Target’s new Cartwheel platform. Mobility connects us with our consumers and our customers. That’s the right space to focus on.
  4. Make measurement more meaningful: As an industry we’re data rich and insight poor. It’s easy to say “big data” is the future. It’s harder to make big data work hard for an organization. We’re going to change that.

I can’t wait to see what year 2 brings. It’s going to be tough to top year 1, but that’s part of the fun. The bar keeps getting higher, as do the expectations. Looking very forward to the next 365 days.