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Webster says “the quality or disposition of receiving and treating guests and strangers in a warm, friendly, generous way” is how to describe the word hospitality. I tend to think of it as making visitors feel like they belong. This isn’t an easy task. I’ve been on the receiving end of some poor hospitality. Have you ever had one of those visits where you just feel like you’re a bother? As if the people hosting you clearly preferred you weren’t there?

Basically, think of that famous scene in Pretty Woman when Julia Roberts walks into the store, armed with cash and ready to shop, but the staff looks down on her and suggests she shop elsewhere. Well I have experienced that kind of hospitality (in-stores and at-homes) and it’s not fun.

Growing up my grandmother, her sister and my mom amazed me with how generous, warm and yes…hospitable they were. Paraphrasing my grandmother’s eulogy, there was always another seat to be had at the table, another glass that could be filled and more rice to be spared. That’s just the way things were and still are, in my family. I’d probably also add, there’s always a floor, bed or couch to sleep on/in and someone to pick you up from the airport. Again, that’s just the way my family does things.

This past July 4th weekend I was given a taste of hospitality that was wonderfully reminiscent of my own family. From the get go I just had a feeling these were “good people” as my dad sometimes says. They offered to pick up and drop off from the airport, asked what I’d like to drink ahead of the trip (lots of pepsi in the fridge!), took me for a tour of the island, provided keys to the house as needed and access to their bikes, took an interest in my interests and even let a friend of mine “crash” the party at the last minute.

That’s all well and good. It makes for a nice list. But, the true testament for how wonderful the hospitality was, is how I felt throughout the weekend. It simply felt like I fit. That’s a hard feeling to create. I’m so thankful to have met these wonderful people.

I know it sounds like I’m gushing and this is a little over the top. But, if you had been here in Ocean City at this house, with these people, you’d be doing the same. Creating a sense of hospitality is not easy. Retailers like Tiffany’s and Barney’s have mastered this art. And, so have these people. I can’t wait to come back.

Remembering What The 4th Of July Is Really About

Shot on slide Film (Fuji Velvia 50) circa 2002 and with a non-digital SLR (Nikon F5), this is an all time favorite of mine. Many of us will be grilling today, having a beer and enjoying the company of friends and family. I know I will. But, beyond the fun, let’s take some time to remember those who gave us this holiday and who continue selflessly keeping us safe and free. Hope your 4th is filled with fun, sun, family and a cold beverage.

A Mug For Dad

I’m sure I made many gifts like this for my dad, over the years. Cora made this one for me at school and then updated it right in front of me after I unwrapped it. It was as funny and perplexing as it sounds. I will be proudly displaying this mug and her hand written card on my desk at work, later today.

John’s 2nd Birthday

Technically, the birthday is Wednesday, June 15, 2011, but we decided to celebrate his birthday today.  Great day for the celebration.  In the morning it was roughly 60 degrees and overcast.  While that might not sound like perfect weather, it’s ideal for great photos.  The overcast sky means no harsh shadows or squinty eyes.  We headed over to the baseball field for some early morning photos and this one was easily of my favorites.

The rest of the day was filled with fun.  Great food, family and friends created a very memorable day.  John definitely enjoyed himself and that’s all that really matters.

Merry Christmas 2010

This is what Christmas is all about.  It’s not about $600 purses, new cars, jewelry from Tiffany’s, expensive bottles of wine or any other material items.  Nope, this is what makes Christmas amazing…seeing these two faces after they’ve made sure Santa ate some cookies, drank his milk and shared the carrots with Rudolph.

It’s the little things that are the big things.  Merry Christmas.

Happy 4th Of July – 2010

I always bust out this photo for the 4th of July.  It’s one of my all time favorite shots that I captured.  This was done “old school” on slide Film (Fuji Velvia 50) and a non-digital SLR (Nikon F5).  Sometimes there’s nothing wrong with recycling the past…especially when the colors are this vibrant!  Hope your 4th is as good as mine is going to be.

John’s 1st Birthday Party

Technically, John doesn’t turn 1 for 2 more days. His official birthday is June 15. But, we decided to get some family and friends to celebrate his 1st birthday today. John had a blast and to say that he was showered with gifts would be an understatement. It’s clear that John is loved, not only by his parents, but by so many others.

Also, from the looks of it, I think he enjoyed that birthday cake! Nothing like your first taste of sugar and chocolate.

Cora’s First Haircut

When you have kids, you get to experience a lot of firsts.  There’s the steps, words, dates and so much more.  Today, I got to experience another first.  Cora had her first haircut today…just a little trim.

I used some high grain (ISO 800) for this and no Flash.  I just love the how gritty the picture processed and how serious Cora looked.

Cora Turns 3

Today, Cora turned 3. Her birthday somehow coincided with wear your bathing suit to school day. We celebrated her birthday with friends and Family on Sunday. It’s amazing to see how quickly they grow up.  It’s almost as if it were yesterday when she was just learning how to crawl.  Now she’s running and jumping around.  Time flies.