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I Love Bill Simmons…I Hate Bill Simmons

Used to love Bill Simmons. Thought his columns had that unique blend of real journalism and fan based/centric attitude. I’ve bought his books, recommended his column, and was a frequent reader of his work.

Bill’s Red Sox columns were always brilliant, because they had real journalism credentials mixed with the passion of a die hard sox fan. As much as Bill wanted to be all Sox all the time; he maintained a level of integrity and was just a fan boy. He called a spade a spade and I loved him for it, even though I’m an Atlanta Braves fan.

But, this year, Bill went off the wagon and lost me as a reader and fan. It’s one thing to be a fan, it’s another thing to be blinded by it. His love for tha Patriots clouded is ability to think clearly and deliver authentic journalism. He dismissed spy-gate, gave ad admitted HGH user a pass, and indicated there was nothing wrong with the Pats running up the score. A real journalist wouldn’t and couldn’t look past these things.

Bill, it’s one thing to be a fan in the books your write. But, when you represent ESPN, you have to show just a little bit of integrity. For that reason and that reason alone…I’m done with Bill.

I’m looking forward to my Giants kicking your team’s ass.