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10 Quick Thoughts About The Grammy’s And The State Of Music Today

  1. Today we rarely have musicians. We have entertainers. Sir Paul is a musician. Miley is an entertainer. Few have ever been both. Prince and Michael Jackson are two who come to mind that excelled at both.
  2. To mask the lack of musical talent, these “artists” turn to time honored approaches like amplifying the sex appeal. Take away the backing tracks and post editing, and most of these folks wouldn’t make it in a high school glee club.
  3. To put an exclamation point on #1 and #2, I give you Whitney Houston. At her pinnacle, no one was a finer singer. You never saw her half-naked on a rope, because she didn’t need to.
  4. Music has always been political. Music and politics go hand in hand. I think everyone is entitled to get divorced eventually. Equality for everyone. Though, I wouldn’t have opted for a Grammy Wedding; just a bit too showy for me.
  5. Macklemore is fun, let’s see if he can be more than a one album wonder. I hope he can deliver on that.
  6. I’m over Taylor Swift and I wish she’d just go away.
  7. Sometimes the mashups of musicians work really well. I think when Guns n’ Roses partnered with Elton John for November Rain, it was one of the most amazing musical performances I’ve ever seen. Other times, it’s very forced and just doesn’t work. The Robin Thicke and Chicago mashup, just didn’t work for me. I think on the whole, these forced partnerships fall flat.
  8. The work the Grammy team did in planning, creating and distributing so much behind the scenes content for the “2nd screen” was A-level. They should create a text book for companies to follow.
  9. Building on 6, I’m sorry, but I’m not a Beyonce fan. Never have been. I don’t think what she does is earth shattering. I just don’t. I think Adele has more musical talent in her big toe than Beyonce does in her entire body.
  10. Lastly, I leave you with this about the state of today’s music. And now I’ve dropped the mic.

Beyonce vs. Talent