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Friday Five – April 25, 2014

The Rise of the Mobile Addict
Hearing the mobile is big, doesn’t come as a surprise. You need only to look around a conference room table as people wait for attendees to enter to know that we’re practically voluntarily chained to our phones. Flurry, a mobile analytics company, conducted an in depth study to understand how people engaged with their mobile phones. The research and analysis uncovered a group of people called “mobile addicts.” What’s a mobile addict you ask? It’s someone that launches an app more than 60 times a day. Apps, like it or not, are the reason we have our phones and they’re the conduit to our experiences on the web. There’s a lot more data and insight contained in the link. I highly recommend you making 5 minutes to check it out.

Facebook Knows Everything About You, And If You Don’t Believe Us Here’s Proof
Ubisoft is launching a new video game called Watch Dogs. The game centers around the character Aiden Pearce, a brilliant hacker and thug. Aiden will identify “targets” of interest and then take them out. Of course, a good hit-man, knows a lot about his target and that’s where the Facebook part comes in. To promote the game Ubisoft has created a tool/app that shows just how much Facebook knows about you. I won’t spoil the fun. It’s a fun experience that shows, how powerful social data is, why privacy concerns exists and why, as marketers, we need to strive for a balance between targeted and creepy…while always protecting the user experience

To Encourage Holiday Sex That Results In Babies, A Danish Campaign Offers “Ovulation Discount”
Despite continually being named for having some of the most happy people in the world, Denmark’s birth rate sits at a 27-year low. This is real concern for Denmark. No really. I’m serious. It’s an epidemic. To fix the problem, a travel agency, called “Spies Travel” used data. Yes, data. They found that Danes have 46% more sex on vacation and that 10% of all Danish babies are conceived abroad. See, real data. Capitalizing on that data, they’re offering discounts to Danes who want to take a vacation for the purposes of getting pregnant. Yes, this seems crazy. But, it’s also insights driven. Playing it safe hasn’t worked for Denmark, the past 27 years. They needed something different. If you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got.

Universities Are Starting to Crack Down on Graduation Selfies
It finally came to this. Perhaps this will be the tipping point for ending the habits of selfies. It probably won’t. But, this just goes to show you how pervasive this consumer behavior is. Not unlike our Danish travel campaign, we have some real insights here about consumers and their love for expression. While the selfie itself may go away, the idea of seeing ourselves in media won’t. That’s a behavior that’s been around for hundreds of years…vanity, it’s definitely my favorite sin.

Facebook activism rarely goes deeper than a single click
From the research study abstract: “Despite the tremendous amount of attention that has been paid to the internet as a tool for civic engagement, we still have little idea how “active” is the average online activist or how social networks matter in facilitating electronic protest. In this paper, we use complete records on the donation and recruitment activity of 1.2 million members of the Save Darfur “Cause” on Facebook to provide a detailed first look at a massive online social movement. While both donation and recruitment behavior are socially patterned, the vast majority of Cause members recruited no one else into the Cause and contributed no money to it.” Let that sink in. It’s really powerful. The answer can’t simply be, “oh, we’ll just put it on Facebook and people will share it.” We need a real insight, a solid story and simplicity. If you want to read the full research, you can download the PDF here: http://bit.ly/1lJgciu