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Friday Five – February 21, 2014

When did Google become a dirty word?
I had to read this article a few times. Once to get the big picture point of view. A second time to re-absorb the charts and the data. And a third time to start forming an opinion. It’s amazing how many great products have been launched by Google, that no one knows about…and that’s part of the problem.

FCC Plans to Issue New ‘Net Neutrality’ Rules
Finally, the government doing something right when it comes to the web. The FCC is once again making a push to re-establish the principles of net neutrality. I especially loved the verbiage they used to explain why net-neutrality is so important: “The Internet is and must remain the greatest engine of free expression, innovation, economic growth and opportunity the world has ever known.” Amen.

The best (and worst) times to do things at work
Loved this article. We’re all looking to be a bit more productive and efficient. Instead of getting the standard, don’t read emails in the morning, or only check your emails twice a day, this article goes much deeper. I found a lot of the advice to be practical and easily applied. Small adjustments, make a big impact.

A Startup That May Change How We Value Our Personal Data
The next big app is going to be YOU. Yes, you. Imagine what happens when YOU are your own API. Will an exchange exist where people can bid on access to my personal data, including DNA/bio-metric information? How much would you be willing to sell your data for? Remember, without data, most apps, platforms and companies would find themselves with a real product to sell.

Brands court legal danger in real-time rush
Probably one of the best posts on social and legal that I’ve seen. This quote really sticks out: “What it comes down to is, Supreme Court rulings aside, corporations just aren’t people — social media was designed for human interactions and conversations. When brands get involved, the question becomes what is advertising and what isn’t. And there isn’t a straight answer for that yet.” The constant changes in social media make it challenging for organizations, especially when you consider that most in house legal teams are focused on eliminating ALL risk…which, as we all know, is impossible.