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10 Mistakes 2011 Super Bowl Advertisers Will Make

The Super Bowl is nearly upon us.  Ok, it’s 3 months away and that can seem far.  But, in the world of advertising agencies and marketers, it’s right around the corner.  Ads are in production, marketing plans are in place, media buys are being finalized and pundits like myself are getting ready to analyze the work.  We’re going to see a lot of ads.  We’re going to see a lot of brands spending $3 million for those precious 30 seconds of time.  At $100,000 per second you’d think all the i’s would be dotted and the t’s crossed, but Super Bowl advertising often lacks hubris.  It’s the time for the agency to make a push for their awards and a time for marketers/brands to “stick out.”  We are seduced by the sexiness of the Super Bowl spot.  That seduction often blinds us…and year after year, advertisers make the same mistakes even though those mistakes are covered in Super Bowl ad coverage recaps the day after.

With that said, here’s 10 mistakes I guarantee you will be made:

  1. The call to action (URL, SMS, etc.) will be too small and come at the end of the ad
  2. Paid search to drive people, interested in the ad or who remember the ad, won’t be bought
  3. The ads won’t be uploaded to youTube or be made easily shareable
  4. There will be too much emphasis on Facebook
  5. Mobile optimized sites will be forgotten…instead Flash heavy experiences will be used
  6. For new products, proper blog seeding won’t be executed – creating a sea of emptiness for organic search results
  7. Proper load balancing for their hosting environment won’t be implemented – this will mean someone’s site will go down and people wanting to get an offer won’t be able to
  8. A celebrity will be used in the ad and that celebrity will end up getting into “trouble” shortly thereafter – causing the brand/marketer to apologize and/or pull the ad
  9. Social media listening platforms and strategies won’t be in place to provide real time sentiment analysis or a starting point for relationship building with “fans”
  10. The same ad will be used for pre-roll and online advertising, despite the fact, data exists to prove that doing this is not as successful as using video content developed specifically for the web

Remember this post.  Bookmark it.  File it away.  Then, after the Super Bowl revisit it and let’s see if I was right.