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2008 Top 10 People To Follow On Twitter

I really believe in following people that have a high signal to noise ration.  It doesn’t make sense to follow someone on twitter that posts a high amount of useless tweets and then seemingly at random gives you 1 great one.   I also don’t go for the people that too into themselves.  The ones that simply love to hear themselves tweet.

 That said, I also enjoy smart POVs, great links, and a little bit of humor.  I follow people that will engage with me in good discussion, share fantastic links, and make me say, “wow, that was cool.”

Without further adieu, here’s who I recommend following:

  1. @steverubel
  2. @mashable
  3. @timoreilly
  4. @chrisbrogan
  5. @guykawasaki
  6. @MarketingProfs
  7. @awolk
  8. @andybeal
  9. @Gartenberg
  10. @PSFK

For bonus, here’s, some people worth following because their content and tweets are simply enjoyable.

  1. @secrettweet
  2. @perrybelcher
  3. @jowyang
  4. @mleis
  5. @vegasbab
  6. @theonion
  7. @darthvader
  8. @therules
  9. @TechCrunch
  10. @leeodden

And since I’m in the Christmas spirit, here’s a list of people that other people will tell you to follow, but I wouldn’t recommend given their low signal to roise ratio and insane need to self promote.

  1. @JasonCalacanis
  2. @Scobleizer
  3. @loiclemeur
  4. @Pistachio
  5. @algore

It’s not that the people on the “don’t bother following” list aren’t smart.  They are.  But, they just don’t provide enough value for me on twitter.  Go ahead and start following them (you were going to do it anyway), you’ll see what I mean.  If you think I’m wrong, let me know.  Would love to hear about the value you’re finding from these people, that I’m clearly missing.

Also, feel free to use this list of the so-called Top 100 Most Influential Online Marketers.  Their twitter IDs are included.