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That Christmas Wow Moment

The TV genius, Dr. Gregory House, once said, “Gifts allow us to demonstrate exactly how little we know about a person. And nothing pisses a person off more than being shoved into the wrong pigeonhole.”

#Truth and #Preach

But, the opposite of that is when you completely deliver on the expectation in a way that creates a moment of pure joy and emotion.

We’ve all been in the situation where you really want something. You ask for it. You probably think you “deserve” it or you’ve “earned” it. You make that request very clear. But, you’re not 100% sure you’re going to get it.

And then…you get it.

For the last 6 months or so, my son, John, has been asking for an XBOX. He asked for it up until Christmas Even and I think he mentioned hoping “Santa” delivered it, when he checked the tree on Christmas morning.

After much discussion with his mom, we agreed, he could have one. So to the Amazon I went and purchased the XBOX One Madden Edition and Fifa 17. He’s a huge Madden Mobile player and really enjoyed demoing Fifa 17 at my condo.She got him a few other games and an extra controller. Quite the coordination!

This was the moment when he got exactly what he wanted.

Dang! Yeah, Christmas about more than a physical gift. I really do believe that and my kids genuinely understand it. But, in the same vein of “money can’t buy happiness”…but, I’ve never seen a person who did’t enjoy winning the lottery, we knew his mind would be blown. And blown it was. I honestly can’t recall ever feeling that way. I’m sure I acted that way, when I was a kid, but I can’t remember.

That emotion, that joy, that reaction…it’s something I want to bottle up and make sure every single person is able to feel.

It’s true that experiences can impart more on us than things. It’s also true that things can bring a short shelf life of bliss. But, every so often, you receive something so thoughtful and unexpected, that, yes, a “thing” can make you feel an extended and prolonged level of bliss.