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Walgreens, redbox And foursquare Bring You A Free Movie

Rarely, do I take to social platforms to promote the great work we’re doing at Walgreens, but this one is an exception. Over the past few months we’ve been working with the great folks at foursquare at redbox to bring something amazing to our customers. Today (8/15/11) ONLY, if check in on foursquare at any redbox kiosk located at a Walgreens you can get a free one-day DVD rental! This link offers more information. Beyond the particulars of how this works, I wanted to share why I’m so thrilled to see this idea come to life.

  1. The idea originated from one of our customers
  2. The folks at redbox were great partners. They were open to the idea, made it better and were able to bring it to life in a matter of weeks. For those of you in retail, you know how fast that is.
  3. Prior to this program foursquare did NOT allow redbox’s to be locations in foursquare that could be managed with business tools. The locations could exist, similar to any other location that you could add to the foursquare database, but redbox and similar companies couldn’t manage them like traditional retail/physical locations.
  4. It’s all very measurable. At the end of the program we’ll know how many people we drove to walgreens, how many people checked-in, how many people received their offer code to unlock a free movie and how many redeemed it.

In defining our social strategy at Walgreens, we’ve made ourselves accountable to 2 very important filters:

  1. ROI: Return on Investment
  2. ROA: Return on Amazing

This program delivers on both. Please give the program a try tomorrow and share your feedback with me on Google+, twitter, Facebook or emails. Thanks, enjoy and go grab that free movie tomorrow.