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5 Things Bugging Me Right Now

I’m limiting this list of things that bug me to only 10.  I could probably create a list that goes upward of 100.

  1. Sites that have content being indexed by Google, but then require you to join or login to view the content.  This is just a horrible user experience.  I search for something.  I see a link with some descriptor copy that appears to be exactly what I want – so I click on it.  Only 1 problem though, instead of seeing the content I was hoping to see, I get a login/register page.  The Wall Street Journal, Consumer Reports, and The New York Times are notorious for this.
  2. Re-touching.  I’ve long said, I think Ansel Adams was a crappy photographer and an amazing darkroom magician.  He didn’t make his magic behind the camera, he made it in the dark room.  With the recent turmoil over the Kelly Clarkson “Self” cover, this issue is back in the news.  As a more than amateur photographer, I have a big problem with people taking photos, Photoshopping the hell out of them and then passing them off as originals.  That’s not very transparent is it?
  3. Companies adding a bunch of social networking icons to the footer or the header is not the answer to creating a social site.  Don’t get me wrong, I think adding those icons is the first step.  Not only does is help with SEO, but it allows you to add richer content without changing your sites infrastructure.  But, right now too many companies think that just adding those icons somehow somehow solves all of their social “media” needs.
  4. Analysts that only focus on providing “positive” commentary and clearly avoiding constructive criticism.  I get the feeling a lot of analysts are struggling with how to be honest about their “friends.”  There’s a great scene in the movie “Almost Famous” where Philip Seymour Hoffman’s character (Lester Bangs) offers some advice to Patrick Fugit’s character (William Miller) about how to write a great column.  The advice is simple, “Be honest and unmerciful.”  I think a great number of analysts, especially the Forrester ones could learn something from that simple line.
  5. We need universal FREE wiFi.  If not free, close to it.  Let’s agree that innovation is a critical component to growth.  Let’s agree that having the right tools helps you innovate faster.  Let’s agree that this country is falling dramatically behind our nations when it comes to innovation.  Let’s also agree that the internet for a variety of reason propels innovation and thinking forward.  If we can agree on all of the above, then how does it make sense that we are charging more and more for a sub-standard infrastructure.  If you think I’m crazy, just check out this article or this information about South Korea’s internet access.  If we want great ideas to come from this country, we need to rethink our approach to propelling those ideas forward.

Thanks for listening.  Had to get that out of my system.