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Facebook Has A New Home Page

Facebook has slowly been making updates to their site over the past few months. Previously, the most dramatic change was switching to a brand new design template.

Today, they introduced a new home page. The new home page utilizes a new image on the left hand side of the page that shows how Facebook enables you to connect with people across the world. It’s a simple visual, but gets the point across quickly. I like it. On the right hand side of the page are the registration fields for new users. In essence, they’ve split the meat of the page into two sections, but both of those sections work together. The left hand image simply shows what Facebook does and the left hand form fields are there for people to take action. Lastly, header now contains a set of login form fields with a checkbox to keep you logged in.


New Facebook Home Page
New Facebook Home Page



The design is minimal, simple, and effective.