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My 10 Big Rules To Live By

I like to keep things simple. As Ferris Bueller said, “life comes at you pretty fast.” I’ve generally tried to live my life and make decisions based on 10 Big Rules. Why 10? No idea; it’s just what the tally ended up being. Why Big? Because, there are other smaller rules that are specific to certain situations, but they aren’t applicable to all situations, every day.

I was sharing these rules the other day and it dawned on me, I’ve only retained them in my head. I’ve never actually written them all down. So without further adieu, here we go.

  1. Be direct. Be honest. Tell the truth. – You’d thing this would be easy. But, ask yourself, are you truly honest? When someone asks you how they look in that outfit, do you tell them the honest truth 🙂
  2. Trust your gut. It’s usually smarter than your head or your heart. – The head is too rationale. The heart is too fragile. But, the gut delivers on your natural instincts.
  3. Say “please” and “thank you.” – This is a big one for me. I try to say them all the time. They’re small words, but powerful ones. Too many people have forgotten the manners taught to us in kindergarten.
  4. Don’t compromise on your principles. – You’ll never be happy if you compromise on them. It can be tough to be rigid, to be somewhat stubborn. But, to those that say stubborn, I say committed.
  5. Be BIG and be BOLD. – When you go big and bold it usually means you’ve left nothing on the table. If you do that, you can sleep well.
  6. Love fast. Love hard. – Love is an amazing thing. It’s potent unlike any other emotion. To those who would advise treading carefully, well, I don’t think you’ve ever really been in love then.
  7. Make mistakes. Make them quickly. – My dad often said to me, if you’re going to make a mistake, make a big one, make an epic one, make a memorable one. Don’t dwell on mistakes. They’re proof you’re trying.
  8. Never wear white pants. Ever. Never Ever. – I’m serious. Nothing good comes from wearing white pants.
  9. Do not apologize for you are. – I might add, or where you came from. Embrace who you are. Love who you are. Be proud of your background, your values and your hopes. Do not let others judge you for them.
  10. Always double-down on 11. Always. Yes, always. – This isn’t just about blackjack. It’s about life. Life presents situations where the risk is most definitely worth the reward. If you’re sitting on 11, you double down.

Simple. To the point. So if you’ve been wondering why I’ve done what I’ve done…why I’ve made the decisions I have…now you know.