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The Trouble Is, You Don’t Think You Have Time

If you’d asked me 4 years ago about the famous quote from Buddha, I’d have a much different response than I do today.

The Trouble Is You Think You Have Time

See, I’m a go fast, go hard, go far kind of guy. I believe that “speed wins” and as the great American distance runner, Steve Prefontaine once said “The best pace is a suicide pace, and today looks like a good day to die.” Turning 30 was like a finish line in my head. My goal was to do more, see more, achieve more and be more, by 30, than the competition. Who’s the competition you ask? Good question. I have no idea. I was in a constant race myself…or rather the shadow of myself that I had built up.

Surprise, when I turned 30, the world didn’t end. You’re shocked, I know. Now, this isn’t the part of the post where I tell you I had this realization that I needed to slow down. Sorry. In fact, it’s the opposite. I think I realized there is no end, until things end…permanently. Decisions aren’t final. Yes, even, when you’ve made absolutely poor decisions, they aren’t final…and you have TIME to change things. You can recover. You can readjust your sights. You can pivot. You have time.

In fact, in a world where speed wins, the quicker you move on and the quicker you adjust the quicker you realize nothing is permanent. We don’t have an hourglass to keep an eye on. You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be, based on the decisions you’ve made. You’re not ahead. You’re not behind.

So with all due respect to Buddha, perhaps, the trouble is, you don’t think you have time.