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What If I Don’t Want To Share

Everywhere you look companies are adding features into their software, products, or advertising that let people share.  Now, share is a loose term.  Sometimes it’s something as simple as sharing your opinion.  But, often share is meant to mean the ability to give other people and companies access to your content or information.

The simplest example of this is photo sharing.  Google just introduced new features into Picasa Web Albums that let’s people not only access your album, but also add photos to it.  I can definitely see the value of this.  Imagine for example a trip to Las Vegas with 4 of your closest friends.  Rather than use 5 different photo sharing sites you all can upload your photos to the album and can then pick the photos you want to keep.

So everyone wants to share.  Well, what happens when I don’t want to share?  When I want to keep things private.  It seems that in the rush to make everything shareable, companies have neglected features, options, and innovations that focus on keeping information private.  I should be able to share a  photo, for example, with 10 people, but not 20 other people.  And in doing so, restrict the ability to download the file, copy it, or screen capture it.  Where are those innovative and forward thinking features?

Look, there are some things I don’t want to share.  There are some things that should remain private or at least be shared selectively.  We need better measures in place to restrict access.  I’m all for sharing.  I’m all for social media.  But, I’d like to have some better options for sharing just in case.  After all, what if I don’t want to share?