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When Software Generates Pure Emotion

I don’t think people who develop software realize the pure emotion they can create in their users. Software, when done right, is so much more than 1s and 0s. It’s something that empowers and enables its users to create emotions and feelings. There are feelings of joy, excitement, pride and more, that come at the perfect moment when software becomes transformational.

I’ve been playing with cameras since 1986, when I was 7. Not just any camera, but Nikon cameras. My first camera was a Nikon FE2; the camera of choice for National Geographic photographers. Since then I’ve only shot Nikon. Be it my N80, N90 or F5, in the film days or my D100, D2Hs, D700 and most recently, D810 in the digital days of today, I’m a Nikon guy.

Nikon creates horrible software. There’s no 2-ways about this. Their software is rudimentary, inadequate and an insult to photographers. Harsh words, but true words. The one saving grace was Nikon NX2. It was a nearly flawless piece of software for processing Nikon’s proprietary RAW (the equivalent of a film negative) digital file format. But, for reasons I can’t fathom, all cameras post D700 were no longer supported. The software was discontinued. In its place NX-D was launched. NX-D is not software. It’s barely better than Microsoft Paint from Windows 3.11.

This put me in a bit of a quagmire. Here I was with this great new Nikon D810 and my images were being compromised by bad software. In doing some research, I stumbled upon DxO Optics Pro. I should say, I stumbled upon DxO and their full suite of software products. Just before the new year I purchased their full suite of photo editing software products. This included DxO Optics Pro, DxO Filmpack and DxO Viewpoint.

Candidly, I was stunned, with how damn good it was. I was so stunned, this is what I sent directly to DxO:

I didn’t see an option to contact you about something good! I’ve been photographing with Nikon since my first camera; a Nikon FE2, in 1986. When Nikon abandoned their users by no longer supporting cameras in NX2, I was a bit lost. I purchased the full software suite, just before the New Year and I’m blown away. Frankly, I wish I had been a DXO user, years ago. You’ve got, not just a happy customer, but a big time fan and a life-long supporter and purchaser. Thank you for making such a great suite of software. As an example, of what you’ve enabled me to create, I attached the latest capture. You guys rock. Please pass this on to your product team, marketing team and whomever should know that the software your company creates, changes and improves lives. Great images create emotions. Those emotions are priceless. Thank you.

The photo I was referencing is this one of my daughter, during a moment in between games at her 1st basketball tournament:

Happiness and #Zeiss

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I can’t say enough about DxO. They make software that makes it fun to be a photographer. They make software that makes it easy to create emotions. I’m sold. If you were a person who was on the fence or in my situation, I can’t recommend DxO enough.