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$500 Worth Of Irony – The Beatles And The iPod

It’s been well documented that we’ll have a better chance at seeing flying cars than we will the entire The Beatles catalogue available for purchase on iTunes.  There was a point in time when there was litigation between Apple Corps. and Apple Computer because of how similar their logos were.

So, imagine my surprise when I came across a The Beatles – iPod special edition box set at Bloomingdales.

The box set contains:

  • Numbered 120G video iPod in classic black, etched with the Beatles’ logo on the front and Abbey Road on the back
  • All 13 original Beatles’ CDs, plus two masters and the “Love” CD
  • Engraved guitar pick
There are only 2500 of these available.  As a huge The Beatles fan this package excites me.  $500 is pretty steep, but dammit if this isn’t really cool and insanely ironic.  I’ve added it to my wish list 🙂